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ConVerdant Vehicles offers Plug-Out conversions for Hybrid Cars.

ConVerdant is working with established vendors who have been making state-of-the-art products for many years. We provide sales, installation and support in New England. Our conversions are unique in their reliability, affordability and convenience.

ConVerdant Vehicles offers products in two areas:

Plug-Out Kits: Turn your Hybrid into an Emergency Power Generator!

Announcing:  A 1.5kw Basic Plug-Out inverter compatible with select hybrids/plug-in cars, Ask ConVerdant about compatibility.

Announcing:  1kw Plug-Out inverters in Stock!  Compatible with most hybrid/plug-in cars, Ask ConVerdant about compatibility.

Announcing:  Plug-Out Island inverters now compatible with Toyota Plug-In Prius!  

See the FAQ for more information on ConVerdant's Kits.

Make your statement for lower vehicle costs, and a greener future...   Have Plug, Will Travel!!