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Plug-Out Testimonials

Jeffery Sila, from KS, new 2kw PO customer, "I will install this in Africa." ...  Wow!

Steve Goedeke: from MD, I just wanted to let you know that after almost two years, we finally got to plug the house into the Prius! And everything worked great!  We came home after food shopping yesterday to discover a neighborhood power outage. I leapt into action, rolling out the inverter and following directions to get things rolling, and we were running under Prius power within minutes.  The primary loads were only the fridge and ceiling fans, and the outage only lasted about two hours, so it wasn’t a big test; however, for this event I figure that we used about two-tenths of a gallon of gas. That works out to over four days per tank! Impressive… Thanks to Converdant for being there when we need it.

Steve Stock, a new customer from Oregon, said he had just set the system up and tested it. "A marvelous product.  Everything works as advertised!  Congradulations on producing a superior product."

Mathew Peake, from VT, said "It works!  Our power went out during the recent ice-snow storm and it took 10 minutes to get back up again with our Prius and the Plug-Out."  He adds that the power came back on a half hour later, but the critical test had been tried and passed.  

Gayathrie Vijayakumar, from CT, writes in the WinterGreen Newletter "The inverter, purchased from ConVerdant Vehicles, was less expensive than a standard gas generator, provides electricity by using half the fuel, and is much quieter.  "We were not prepared for our first power outage in Connecticut, but we were able to use the gas stove for cooking and our gas fireplace kept the first floor at well over 70F. Being without a fridge and hot water was a challenge though. Now that we have the Prius, at $4/gallon of gas, generating electricity through the [Plug-Out] inverter... But in a power outage situation, being able to provide basic power for three days on one tank of gas is pretty amazing.""  See http://www.swinter.com/Collateral/Documents/English-US/WinterGreen_August_2013.pdf

Joan Dinowitz, from NY, proclaims "My first bumper sticker, ever!"  [showing My Prius = Emergency Generator decal on bumper]

Herb Moyer, from NH, says "My Prius Hybrid now powers my home when we have a power outage!".  See Moyer Flyer.

Al Hibner, from NY, says "I can now cable up and have running or tear down the system in about 15 minutes... Without question, the power that we received from our 3kva Plug Out Island unit was as clean or even cleaner than what we get day in and day out from the grid... The Plug Out unit gets stored in perfect climate controlled indoor conditions, never needs  maintenance, doesn’t require gas stabilizers, won’t fail to start, on and on. A dream... I am very satisfied with this product. We are now prepared for our next lengthy blackout."  See Hibner Flyer.

David Kennington, from GA, says "Last weekend I rewired the house so my refrigerator, water heater (a Rinnai tankless gas unit), and HVAC blower are on a circuit from my subpanel in the garage, total about 12-13A, so in a power failure they can be connected to the inverter. I did the HV [battery cable install] and took the car to the EV club meeting with a 1200W heater to show it off!!"

Steve Beguin, from NJ, says "The idea of using my Prius as a generator appealed to me, and a friend mentioned ConVerdant.  ConVerdant was knowledgeable, answered my questions, and the price was right, so I bought one [3kw Plug-Out].  Their local rep, Doug Stansfield, came to my house and installed it very quickly, and initial test went smoothly.  I will recommend this to others."

Dave Smith, from NJ, says "I have wanted to use my Prius as a generator for some time, but found no product.  Hurricane Sandy got me looking again and I found ConVerdant.  I installed my own cable [2kw Plug-Out] from the instructions and it worked fine, though it was not trivial. When the Prius did not immediately restart at the end, I called ConVerdant and they were able to help me solve the problem over the phone.  My initial test of the system went perfectly.  I am pleased."

Russ Nelson, from UT, says "I liked the idea of using my Prius as a generator and got a 3kw Plug-Out system.  Though I haven't had a power outage yet, I have used it on a family camping trip to run a microwave for coffee-tea-food to the great amusement of everyone, and another time to power my electric leafblower to clear the far end of the driveway.  It just works great."

Jeff Eagle, from VA, says "I love the concept of using my Prius as a generator for the house and ConVerdant's Plug-Out product [3kw] made it possible and easy."

Jesse Ornum, from PA, says "ConVerdant answered all my questions and was very helpful to send a unit [1kw Plug-Out] overnight before the storm [Sandy].  After the power went out, I was able to get my office working within minutes and worked late into the night and closed an international deal before the power came back up the next day.  I appreciate the extra effort by ConVerdant."

Les Corum, from NH, says  "Our Plug-Out unit [1kw] worked right out of the box, took 5 minutes to set up and we were on the computer, watching TV and having a cold beer.  I would recommend this to anyone."

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