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Plug-Out Basic kit 1kw 120v-60hz PSW

Plug-Out Basic kit 1kw 120v-60hz PSW
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Product ID : po-ba-1k-120p
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This Basic Plug-Out kit:  includes 1kw power module, 4ft input cables, and power meter. Input from the 12v battery. Outputs 1kw pure sine wave 120v/60hz power.  Compatible with most Hybrid/Plug-in cars.  Compatible cars will have the maximum size 12v fuse >=100a.  Find the fuse size-locations in your vehciele's Owners Manual or from your Dealer Service Dept.  Please inform ConVerdant of your vehicle's make-model-year and max fuse size using the Contact page.  Check with ConVerdant for compatibility.  
Known compatibility:  Prius gen 2+ [2004+] except Prius C.  all Lexus hybrids, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, 


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