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Announcing:  Plug-Out Island inverters now compatible with Toyota Plug-In Prius! 

Hybrids are phenomenal DC power generators. Add the Plug-Out kit to your Hybrid turn it into an ultra quiet, clean, efficient and reliable portable AC generator.  Connect any appliances and devices, just don't exceed the kit's power rating.  We offer two kit styles:

  • Basic Kits:  1kw, from 12v battery, for most hybrid cars
  • Island Kits:  2-3-5kva, from hybrid battery, for 2004+ Prius, Lexus CT200h

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Click on FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]: page for more information on a variety of issues, including fuel use.


Plug-Out Kits Brochure

Plug-Out vs Generator Comparison

Plug-Out Capacity Planning Guide

ConVerdant Limited Warranty

Other Hybrids or power requirements can also be accommodated by special order. Contact ConVerdant Vehicles with your requirements

Plug-Out Island kit Prius 5kva 240/120-60hz psw
Product ID : po-is-4k-pri-240p
Includes 5kva-240/120v Inverter, 25ft fused cables.
Plug-Out Island kit Prius 3kva 240/120-60hz psw
Product ID : po-is-3k-pri-240p
Includes 3kva-240v power unit, 22ft fused cables.
Plug-Out Island kit Prius Aims 2kw 120v-60hz psw
Product ID : po-is-2ka-pri-120p
Includes 2kva-120v inverter, 5ft fused cables, power meter.
Plug-Out Basic kit 1kw 120v-60hz PSW
Product ID : po-ba-1k-120p
Includes 1kw inverter, 4ft input cables and power meter. Easily installed by...
Plug-Out Carry Strap
Product ID : po-cs
Plug-out Carry Strap for 2-3kw kits
Plug-out Input Cable 12awg-2cond 25ft
Product ID : po-icbl-12-2-25
2.5ft 12awg 2 conductor cable without fuse for attachment to Plug-Out...
Plug-out Input Fused Cable 12awg-2cond 2.5ft
Product ID : po-icbl-12-2-2
2.5ft 12awg 2 conductor cable with fuse for attachment to Hybrid battery.
Plug-Out Power Meter
Product ID : po pm 120

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