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ConVerdant News and Announcements:

21 July 2014: ConVerdant is changing address for one year, starting the end of July, to:  19 Wentworth Terrace, Dover, NH 03301. 
The phone number and email address remain the same.

5 May 2014:  2kw Plug-Out Issues Corrected.  ConVerdant received word in March-April that the 2kw Plug-Out system was having issues with the Gen 3 Prius, and maybe some Gen 2's.  The red triangle warning light on the dashboard was coming on when the inverter was plugged in and activated.  After much investigation by ConVerdant and customers we determined that the cause was a short, between the inverter's ground pin and the negative battery cable terminal, that was designed into the inverters by the manufacturer.  
ConVerdant accepted all 2kw Plug-Out's back for repairs.  The fixed Plug-Outs were returned to customers, and all future 2kw inverters will ship with the fix in place.

15 May 2014: ConVerdant attends NH-VT Upper Valley EV Event.  ConVerdant attended the Upper Valley EV event at the Montshire Science Museum in Norwich VT.  There were over 200 people attending and over 15 Plug-in cars, many for Ride-Drive demonstrations.  ConVerdant was there with PHEV [our Prius] demonstrating our Plug-Out systems to the many very interested attendees.  Vermont is one of the fastest growing plug-in markets in the USA.