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Plug-out Island Fused Cable Set 12awg-2cond 25ft
25ft 12awg 2 conductor cable with fuse for attachment to Hybrid battery.

Welcome to ConVerdant Vehicles, LLC!
Note:  ConVerdant is Latin derived meaning "with Green".

ConVerdant Vehicles [ConVerdant] has been a leading vendor of Green solutions between vehicles and homes.  
  • Keeping website open while ConVerdant Vehicles explores the next generation for Plug-Out systems.  
    If you have interest in our Plug-Out systems, please fill out the Contact form with contact and vehicle information. 
    Add any house/use systems information applicable.
  • Announcing:  ConVerdant Vehicles has sold out it's inventory of Plug-Out Inverters.  
  • ConVerdant will continue to support our Plug-Out inverter products until the end of October.  
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We thank our customers for their interest and support through the years.  It has been a pleasure serving you.