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Welcome to ConVerdant Vehicles, LLC!

Hybrids as Generators

ConVerdant Vehicles is a leading vendor of Green solutions for vehicles and homes. It’s not surprising that we see vehicles and homes becoming “plugged together” more than ever before. Tid bit: ConVerdant is Latin derived meaning "with Green".

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Announcing:  A 1.5kw Basic Plug-Out inverter compatible with select hybrids/plug-ins, Ask ConVerdant about compatibility.

Announcing:  1kw Plug-Out inverters are in stock and compatible with most hybrid/plug-in cars.  Ask ConVerdant about compatibility.

Announcing:  Plug-out Island compatible with gen4 2016 Prius Eco

Announcing:  Plug-Out Island inverters now compatible with Toyota Plug-In Prius and Lexus CT200H! 

Convert your Hybrid to an Emergency Power Generator. Enjoy the power and quiet!




Live Green. ConVerdant Vehicles provides Green and Affordable solutions based on Hybrid cars... and your home's energy. We offer Plug-Out kits for shipment anywhere in the USA. ConVerdant is working with vendors who have supported electric and hybrid vehicles for years. Our conversions are unique in their reliability, affordability and convenience.

ConVerdant Vehicles - Making Hybrids Better!

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