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About Us

The Company and Mission

ConVerdant Vehicles LLC [ConVerdant] is a leading vendor of green vehicle conversions in New England. ConVerdant Vehicles is a sales and service dealership for various manufacturers. We provide New England-wide sales, installation and service for our lines of Plug-In hybrid conversions, and USA-wide shipment of our Plug-Out kits. ConVerdant Vehicles has sales and service capabilities in Concord, NH and is developing an expanding network of authorized sales and service locations throughout New England and the country.

Goals: Convert every car/truck/SUV on the road into a plug-in vehicle.
Eliminate carbon-based fuels from transportation.

The leading technology for this change is electric [and battery] drive. Electric drive is completely clean [zero emissions] and can be blended with an engine [hybrid], or replace it altogether [electric vehicle, EV]. The distribution system for electric fuel exists [the electric grid], and it costs just 1/5 to 1/3 as much as gas/diesel per mile. Even considering electric generating plants, electric drive still produces just 1/3 the greenhouse gases than gas/diesel.

ConVerdant is dedicated to finding affordable solutions sooner. The leading products for immediate effect on out driving fuel are conversions of hybrids to plug-in hybrids and/or Plug-Out hybrids. Our list of solutions is growing, and some already exist!

Plug-In Kits: Plug-in Hybrids make big gains in vehicle [fuel] mileage, using more batteries for more electric-powered miles. Adding more plug-in batteries to an already highly engineered hybrid car is a wonderful extension of capability with a minimum of risk.

Plug-Out Kits: Your Hybrid car is already an incedible generator. It's quiet, reliable, efficient and already paid for.  It only lacks grid-like power output.  Our Plug-Out kit provides that power output and gives your hybrid an added use while saving you the extra costs.

Our Conversions are reliable, affordable, and are a great improvement over the old gas-guzzelers.  There is electric drive in your future, and your future could start today! Change is not always easy. It takes a willingness to lead the change. The issues are too important, and too urgent, to continue as before... Your leadership is needed.

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